KAMRA® Questions

When does it make sense to talk to your eye doctor about the KAMRA corneal inlay?

Our eye doctors will suggest KAMRA inlay if you are experiencing any of the following visual changes

  • Difficulty reading without reading glasses or bifocals
  • Difficulty seeing near objects
  • A sudden dependence on reading glasses

What is the KAMRA® inlay?

The KAMRA™ inlay is a safe, proven and lasting solution to correct presbyopia and restore your everyday near vision. Smaller and thinner than a contact lens, and lighter than a grain of salt, the inlay is an opaque ring with an opening in the center.

Common Kamra Questions

How does the KAMRA® inlay correct vision?

The KAMRA inlay is 3.8 mm in diameter with a central 1.6 mm central aperture. The technology of the KAMRA™ inlay makes use of pinhole optics, an optical principle that has been familiar to photographers for years. When the aperture of the KAMRA inlay is centered on the line of sight of the eye it produces the phenomenon of expanded depth of focus.

How much does KAMRA® inlay cost?

The KAMRA inlay price at Clear Choice Custom LASIK Center ranges between $4,749 to $6,999.

How long does it take to enjoy the full benefits of the KAMRA inlay?

Most individual who elect to have the KAMRA™ inlay can expect to see some improvement in reading vision within the first week. However, the majority of patients will require 4-6 weeks of healing during which time vision can fluctuate.

Will people be able to see the inlay in your eye?

No. The inlay is essentially invisible to external view. One can detect the inlay only if very close and then only if observing from an oblique angle.

What benefits can someone expect from the KAMRA™ Inlay procedure?

You can expect less dependency on reading glasses and improved clarity when performing everyday activities, such as reading a text message, laptop screen, food label, price tag, receipt or other items you encounter on a daily basis.

You can also learn more about Kamra inlay treatment by downloading our brochure.

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